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About Noah

  Captain Noah D. White is a native of North Florida, born in Gainesville, raised in the panhandle, and magnetically drawn to St. Augustine since childhood.         
    Building a life around the water was a plan long in the making...In Florida, most 4th-graders come to St. Augustine for a field trip to learn the state's  history...it was then the hook hook was set 
      "At 10 years old, my friend Jud and I are in the back of a trolley train. along the bayfront near the fort Castillo de San Marcos..."    An old car topped with surfboards, full of teens,  pulls up blasting loud music...
  "I remeber thinking. - they seemed so free... At that moment, age 10... looking around at the fort, the inlet and bayfront, I knew this was the place to live."  
  "I grew up in Tallahasse hunting, learning to surf and fishing the then wilderness of the Appalacicola panhandle Florida... The fishing on the gulf is phenominal, but surf on the gulf is seldom and goes away fast. I had to move to better surf..."  
    Noah moved to St. Augustine in 1990 after  highschool to be on the Atlantic oceans' more consistent surf.  Many years later he is a professional firefighter for the City of St Augustine, married to wife Kristen and the father of 11 year old, Emmet...and yes, he still surfs regularly.

     Hi, this is Captain Noah D. White and I work hard to give you a great day of fishing.  You will always get a clean boat, fresh live baits, and the best of quality rods, reels and tackle.  Sometimes the fishing can be like stalking deer, sometimes its like whack-a-mole. Regardless, you will have an awesome day on the amazing waters of    St Augustine.                                                                
     -Thanks for choosing Tidewater Fishing Carters
  1. Emmet and Kristen summer 2016
    Emmet and Kristen summer 2016
  2. Capt. Noah spring 2016
    Capt. Noah spring 2016
  3. Kristen and Emmet spring redfishing 2016
    Kristen and Emmet spring redfishing 2016
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  8. Summer morning cobia season
    Summer morning cobia season
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       Tidewater Fishing Charters is all about family.  I am lucky.  Kristen is my beautiful wife and Emmet is my handsome and talented son.  That's them in the pictures above and elsewhere on the site...We fish alot together.  They have made me a better guide captain.  N.D.

     Our boat,  2017 ​TIDEWATER CAROLINA  BAY 22

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   The name is purely coincidence.  Kinda like we had Scout the Dog, ​then  ​owned a Scout Boat...  The  ​NEW Tidewater Carolina Bay is a great boat for year-round fishing here in St. Augustine.  During alot of the year, early fall through spring, our inshore fishing here in St. Augustine is ​great,  with redfishing being excellent even in our coldest months.  This means fishing shallow oyster flats and getting over shallow creek sand bars- and requires a shallow drafting boat.    The ​Carolina Bay can squeeze into the narrowest of creeks, but also handles rough water like a much bigger boat. Check out the amount of bow flair- that beats down alot of spray and in the summer we regularly fish the ​Tidewater Carolina Bay   out at reefs 10-15 miles offshore.  Its powered by a very reliable Yamaha four-stroke outboard.  The boat has Garmin electronics, a 10ft PowerPole and a MinnKota I-Pilot trolling motor.   Cup holders, too...